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Rules and what not:

I'd like to point out just a few rules while I'm away (or when I return) from DA.

1. No chain comments! (Seriously I fucking hate those as much as I hate chain mail)

2. You may NOT use any of my artwork or characters. Meaning you cannot create bases, or use any of my characters! my artwork and my characters are MINE and mine alone. There are far to many 'basers' (more like theives) on this website lately, and its not ok to just take someone else's work to create 'line art'

3. No trolling. Sorry, but anyone who attempts to try and troll me will be forever blocked.

4. I do not always do requests, so please do not leave a comment being all "I LIEK UR ART! DRAW MY CHARAKTER!!!" seriously, if you do that I will simply ignore you. Also, if you are just a person who just colors bases and asks for an art trade from me, I wont do it. I only do art trades with people who actually draw their own stuff. Sorry!

5. Please do not ask me to join groups. I like finding groups on my own and deciding then if I want to join or not.

6. Do not be rude to me. If you want to be treated with respect, then you should first treat me with respect. I will not tolerate name calling, arguing, or anything of that nature. I've been involved with that shit in the past before, and its frustrating and tiring. So no more of that please.

7. If you want to commission me, please note me or email me at and I will tell you my prices. I only take money commissions (via paypal) because to me points are pretty worthless if you don't charge a lot to get any real kind of money from them.

iPhone 5 Scare...ugh

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 7:35 AM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

So I wake up this morning and I go to check for any messages on my iphone....and I find that the phone was off. I never turn my phone off, so I knew it was strange. So I figure, just press the on button and it will turn on...but it DIDN'T. I started panicking. There was no way my phone could be completely DEAD. My dad didn't even have it for a year so there was no need for it to be dead. I tired everything I could think of to get my phone to wake up again. Nothing was working. So I hop on the computer, and search for answers. And I found one that worked. I held the on button, and the little 'home' button at the same time for a few seconds, and tada! Phone wakes up.

Are iPhones known to do this? Because I didn't know that. And let me tell you, if my phone was already gonna be dead, I was gonna be complaining to Apple. This is why I don't use apple products. I'm much more of a Windows/Dell type person. I've never had a windows phone do THAT to me. Don't get me wrong, I still like my iPhone but MAN. Talk about giving me a scare >_<

Odd thing is, last night around 1, maybe 2am the tv and stereo in the living room popped on. It was so weird!! It's done that once before, but only because we had some kind of power surge. This time I know we didn't have a power surge because my computer would have been affected too.

Anyway...I'm just happy my phone is working again. ugh.

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